Interpret: Gerry Rafferty

CD: City to city

Produced 1977 by:

Hugh Murphy, Gerry Rafferty


Drums: Henry Spinetti
Bass: Gary Taylor, Brian Cole
Guitars: Andy Fairweather-Low, Hugh Burns, Gerry Rafferty, Micky Moody, Nigel Jenkins, Jerry Donahue
Keyboards: Tommy Eyre
Percussion: Glen Le Fleur
Fiddles: Graham Preskett
Piano: Gerry Rafferty
Vox: Gerry Rafferty
B-Vox: Barbara Dickson, Joanna Carlin, Gerry Rafferty, Rab Noakes, Roger Brown, John McBurnie, Vivian McAuliff, Gary Taylor
Saxophone: Raphael Ravenscroft
Harmonica: Paul Jones
Tambourine: Hugh Murphy
Accordion: Willy Ray


The ark
Baker street
Right down the line
City to city
Mattie's rag
Whatever's written in your heart
Home and dry
Waiting for the day

DAT: North and South

Produced 1988 by:

Gerry Rafferty, Hugh Murphy

Source: CD

Keyboards, Organ, Electric Piano, Saxophone, Piano, Acoustic guitars, Harmony vox, Vox: Gerry Rafferty
Drums: Arran Ahmum
Percussion: Arran Ahmum, Maurice Pert
Fretless bass: Mo Foster
Bass: Ian Maidman, Pete Zorn
Electric guitars: Jerry Donahue
Slide guitar: Bryn Howath
Saxophone: Mel Collins
Soprano saxophone: Andy White
Uilleann pipes: Davy Spillane
Whistle: Davy Spillane
Accordion: Geraint Watkins
Fiddles: Ric Sanders
Electric Piano: Betsy Cook
Hammond organ: Alan Clarke, Kenny Craddock
Synthesizer: Alan Clark
Keyboards: Alan Clark, Kenny Craddock
String arrangement by: Wil Malone


North and South
Moonlight and gold
Tired of talking
Hearts run dry
A dangerous age
Shipyard town
Winter's come
Nothing ever happens down here
On a night like this
Unselfish love

Composer: Maurice Ravel

CD: Charles Dutoit evec Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal

Produced 1983 by:

DECCA, Ray Minshull


Orchestra: Orchestre Symphonique de Montréal
Orchestra conducted by: Charles Dutoit


Rapsodie espanole
La Valse
Alborada del gracioso

Interpret: Steve Reich

LP: Octet, Music for a large ensemble, Violin Phase


Music for a large ensemble
Violin Phase

Interpret: Right Said Fred


Produced 1992 by:

Tommy D., Guy Holmes

Source: CD

Vox: Richard Fairbrass, Jocelyn Brown
Electric guitars: Rob Manzoli
Acoustic guitars: Fred Fairbrass
Piano: Tommy D., Phil Taylor
B-Vox: Juliet Roberts, Fred, Richard Fairbrass, Rob Manzoli, Fred Fairbrass, Graham B., Tommy D.,The Massive Gut, Lilly D.
Bass: Phil Spalding
Drums: Chuck Sabo
Saxophone: Molly Duncan
Trumpet: Neil Sidwell
Trombone: Sid Gould
String arrangement: Nick Ingman
Programming: Brian Pugsley, Ian Craig Marsh


Love for all seasons
No one on earth
I'm too sexy
Do ya feel
Is it true
Deeply dippy
Don't talk just kiss
Upon my heart
Those simple things

Interpret: The Rippingtons featuring Russ Freeman

CD: Kilimanjaro

Produced 5.9-22.12.1987 by:

Russ Freeman, Leon Huff, John Whitehead, Gene McFadden


Keyboards, Keyboard programming, Electric Guitars, Acoustic Guitars, Guitar synthesizer, Linn 9000, Drum programming: Russ Freeman
Keyboards, Piano, Synthesizer: David Garfield
Saxophone: David Kotz, Brandon Fields
Flute: Brandon Fields
Drums: Vinnie Colaiuta, Tony Morales
Cymbals: Tony Morales
Bass: Jimmy Johnson, Bill Lanphier, Jimmy Haslip
Percussion, Soundscape: Steve Reid


Northern lights
Dream of the sirens
Katrina's dance
Love notes
Los cabos!

CD: Weekend in Monaco

Produced 1992 by:

Russ Freeman, Carl Griffin, Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen


Keyboards, Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Classical guitars: Russ Freeman
Drums: Tony Morales
Bass: Kim Stone, Steve Bailey
Fretless bass: Steve Bailey
Soundscape, EWI, Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone: Jeff Kashiwa
Prazillian percussion, Soundscape, Vox, Timbales, Percussion, Congas, Toys: Steve Reid
Piano: Mark Portman


Weekend in Monaco
St. Tropez
Indian summer
A place for lovers
Moka java
Where the road will lead us

CD: Sahara

Produced 1994 by:

Russ Freeman, Dave Grusin, Larry Rosen


Keyboards, Electric guitars, Acoustic guitars, Classical guitars, 12 string guitar, Baritone guitar, Mandolin, Bass, Percussion, Rhythm programming: Russ Freeman
Drums: Tony Morales
Bass: Kim Stone
EWI, Tenor saxophone, Alto saxophone, Soprano saxophone: Jeff Kashiwa
Teno saxophone: Kirk Whalum
Percussion: Steve Reid
Piano: Mark Portman
Acoustic piano, Keyboards: Tom McMorran
Loops: Art Wood
Vox: Jeffrey Osborne, Phil Perry
B-vox: Lynne Fiddmont, Bridgette Bryant, James Gilstrap, Phil Perry


Native sons of a distant land
True companion
I'll be around
Principles of desire
'Till we're together again
The best is yet to come
Journey's end
Girl with indigo eyes

Interpret: Paquito D'Rivera, Arturo Sandoval

DAT: Reunion

Produced 1991 by:

Götz A. Wörner, Uwe Feltens

Source: CD

Clarinet, Saxophone: Paquito D'Rivera
Trumpet, Flugelhorn: Arturo Sandoval
Percussion, Bongos: Giovanni Hidalgo
Piano: Danilo Perez
Guitars: Fareed Haque
Bass: David Finck
Drums: Mark Walker
Choir: Arturo Sandoval, Giovanni Hidalgo, DaniloPerez, Fareed Haque, David Finck, Mark Walker, Götz A. Wörner, Uwe Feltens, Rike


Prologo: Mambo influenciado
Friday morning
Latin American suite

Part I: Venezuelan waltz no. 1
Part II: Introduction
Part III: Chorizinho

Body and soul
Caprichosos de La Habana
Epilogo: Mambo influenciado

Interpret: Robbie Robertson

CD: Robbie Robertson

Produced 1988 by:

Daniel Lanois, Robbie Robertson, Gary Gersh, Jim Scott


Drums, Percussion: Manu Katche, Terry Bozzio, Larry Mullen jr.
Bass: Tinker Barfield, Larry Klein, Abraham Laboriel, Adam Clayton, Tinker Barfield, Hans Christian, Tony Levin, Bono
Drum programming: Martin Page, Peter Gabriel, Cary Butler
Keyboards: Garth Hudson, Peter Gabriel, Robbie Robertson
Vox, B-vox: Peter Gabriel
Vox, B-vox, Guitars: Robbie Robertson
Bass, Omnichord, Guitars, Percussion, B-vox: Daniel Lanois
B-vox: Bo Deans, Maria McKee, Bill Dillon, Sammy BoDean, Rick Danko, Ivan Neville
Guitars: The Edge, Bill Dillon
B-vox,Vox, Guitars: Bono
Stick bass: Tony Levin
Horns: Gille Evans Horn Section
Horns arranged by: Gil Evans, Peter Levin


Fallen angel
Showdown at big sky
Broken arrow
Sweet fire of love
American roulette
Somewhere down the crazy river
Hell's half acre
Sonny got caught in the moonlight

Interpret: Rock de Cologne

LP: Die Sieger '88 (div. Interpreten)


My car
Full love
Come together
Treat me so
Everywhere I go
Little man's town
Martin 20
Soul shadow

LP: Die Sieger '90 (div. Interpreten)


One for everyone
Tenthousand times
Good girls
Until the night comes
Journey back to paradise
Missin' ya
Friendship is better than war
Take me how I am
Young heart

Composer: Joaquín Rodrigo

CD: Pepe Romero with Academy of St. Martin-in the-fields conducted by Neville Marriner

Produced 1975,1978 by:



Guitar: Pepe Romero
Cor Anglais: Barry Davis
Orchstra: Academy of St. Martin-in the-fields
Orchestra conducted by: Neville Marriner


Concierto de Aranjuez

Allegro con spirito
Allegro gentile

Fantasia para un gentilhombre

Villano y Ricercare (Adagietto - Andante moderato)
Espanoleta y Fanfare de la Caballeria de Nápoles (Adagio - Allegretto molto ritmico)
Danza de las hachas (Allegro con brio)
Canario (Allegro ma non troppo)

Interpret: Rush

CD: Signals

Produced 1982 by:

Rush, Terry Brown


Bass, Vox, Synthesizer: Geddy Lee
Guitars, Moog Taurus: Alex Lifeson
Drums, Percussion: Neil Pert
Violin: Ben Mink


The analog kid
Digital man
The weapon
New world man
Losing it